senses dulled today….


Today, bad weather. I went to my old friend[‘s house to get reacquainted. We didnt do much, just talk and he did his stuff, drawing and drawing for his project, while i read and read some of my microbiology stuff. Then it started to rain… HEAVILY! My shoes were wet, my jeans were wet and my bag was wet! Luckily my bag is waterproof and everything is safe. (Note to self: Buy a bag, waterproof bag is top priorty. When i reached school, i realised that i did not bring my handphone!

I felt really blind and all my senses dulled today because i didnt bring my handphone. I know im supposed to my some of my friends in school but i couldnt contact them. When i had lunch, alone, met syafiq in the library. He was doing research paper using the computer in the second level of the library. Then i head to the venue where the talk on conflict management is to be held.

Upon reaching there, FINALLY! I met all my friends. Then suddenly they approached me with a worried face. I thought something bad had happened. But they were actually worried about me! They actually sent numerious sms but i didnt reply thinking that something had happened to me, but i told them that i didnt bring my handphone. They were sooo relieved.

Today didnt managed to go to the talk because we were given lower priority, since we had, as a class attended the previous talk, on BGR. Some of us were upset because some of us actually went there very early to reserve spaces to ensure that we could be in the talk. But in the end, the counselor who was there, told us to wait and allow other people who never had a chance to attend a talk to allow them to go first. In the end none of us went because our class were sooo united then 1 didnt managed to be allowed in the talk, none of us will go. So in the end, none of use go for the talk.

Yesterday, Mizael, Jamie, Joash, Gad and Tzehui went to my house to play Sims 2 that i bought. Before that, i thought we were stranded at yio chu kang because that was a disruption in the train service. But actually the disruption was only towards the city and not towards Jurong East, via woodlands. So off we went and they went to my house.

Then they started playing sims 2. The character creation that Mizael created was soo funny. We enjoyed alot during the character creation process. We made a mother a father a brother teenager and a baby girl. The father very lao ah pek but the mother very sexy, almost like a bitch. At one time we almost made the facial features to that of Miss Low, our maths teacher. It was hilarious! We had a good laugh. We then commented on alot of things and each of us contributed a little bit to the overall look of the family. Then we “cheated” on the game and get alot of money. AFter that we build a HUGE house , 3 storeys altogether.

During the game, got a a new woman then the lao ah pek make friends with her as if cheating on the wife. The lao ah pek go help the woman on the swing then the mother of his wife watching tv. If the game goes on any further i thing the whole family break down ah…. The father mother divorce ah… The baby go adoption service.

The baby is more funny. she would crawl nowhere else but the toilet, always going to the toilet bowl and playing with the water. It was soo hilarious. Before we played, we took a family photo. It was very sweet the brother holding the baby. soo funny….


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