Yesterday and Today


Yesterday and Today

Yesterday after my inorganic chemistry test, my classmates and i went to ang mo kio hawker center to eat lunch. It was great. After the 6 of us in one table shared this HUGE Ice Kachang for only 3 bucks. It was so HUGE that even 6 of use couldnt finish it. It was well worth the money because it was so HUGE and delicious. There were soo many atapchis and so many different kinds of flavouring. The first time i tasted ice kachang with chocolate flavouring and it tasted GREAT! OISHI!!

It is a must to recommend that desert stall to all my old friends and its well worth the price.

While i was having lunch with Sindhu, Hock, Joash, Ben, and Lilies, we were talking alot of stuff like theme parks, which is the best theme parks. We talked about escape, wild wild wet, movie world, dreamworld and all the “worlds” that they have gone to. I was sooo envious that Sindhu actualy went to Universal Studios! ARGH!! That is the THE place that i sooo wanted to go to. I did went to Australia and went to all the 3 worlds. It was the greatest moment of my life!! I simply love it there, the people, the whether everything!

We then talked about where we should go as a group overseas. Some thought of Bali, Phuket, Thailand and sorts. It was great.

After eating, went to arcade. Some of us went to play pool while the rest played arcade, some stupid games and some shooting games. I spend a bomb over there. But it was fun, we has laughs and sorts.

Today, almost the same thing happened today, but this time, it was Causewaypoint. We went to the food court and i hate western dishes, seafood, at this new stall that was recently opened. It served fresh seafood, Australian style! And indeed it was truly australian style. While i was there at surfer’s paradise, Gold Coast, we ate nothing but seafood, fish and chips and the likes for lunch and dinner for 3 days. it became a little “sian” after a while, but nonetheless, the seafood are great. It was one of the best. Those australians really knew how to cook seafood to perfection. While i was there, the food was expensive, a family of 3 to a seafood restaurant could easily fork out 120 bucks for a seafood dinner. But the serving was huge, the crab was humongous, the calamari soft and chewy like gummy bears. The batter on the fish was mouth watering.

ok back to the topic, after my pleasant lunch and it was truly a surprise that it was good, we had to arcade (AGAIN!) and played some games. We played the table hockey 3 vs 3 and it was hectic chaotic and noisy. It was soo funny, we did many lame moves and stupid tricks. In the end our hands got bruises due to the smacking and hitting at each others hands! But it was worth it for the fun of it.

After that , we went to the library on the third floor, was a little too noisy got kicked out went to the fourth floor, kids section and gathered again. This time they have NO right to kick us out because that level were mostly where all the kids are, running and playing and shouting and crying. Some of us then picked up books and tried to convert them to hokkien. Though i dont understand much of it, but by the sounds of it, it was really crude and funny. Ive heard hokkien conversations and for them to traslate a perfectly written book to a hokkien conversation it was absolutely ridiculous. It was really hilarious.

“Friendship needs no words–it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.”


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