Simply ludicrious…


Simply Funny…

A few days ago, i was at sunplaza, and i happened to passed by this handphone shop, B1. As i was passing by, there was this lady, at the counter sitting down watching T.V. There werent any customers in the shop and she doesnt have any customers to entertain. Usually youll see lots of the this shopkeepers to do something else to occupy thier time, either by reading papers, magazines or simply watching tv. But this lady, whom i saw in that shop happened to do something extra, and its really really ugly in the eyes of a customers IF any customers happened to enter her shop…

While she was watching tv, her left leg was raised in the chair, some Ah Hiao at the coffeeshop, and not only that, she was clipping her toe nails!! I couldnt see her doing it because the counter was blocking it but i can assure by the sound of the “snap”snap”snap”, she is DEFINITELY clipping her toenail while at the same time watching TV!! God, if i were to go to her shop while she was during that, i would think twice. So funny…


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