Something that pops in my mind.. while walking..


Something that pops in my mind… while having a stroll…

I love taking strolls by myself, without thinking where i should go or what i should see, or what i should do. Whenever i take stroll, walking aimlessly, my mind really feels at ease, and i feel calm. Sometimes alot of conflicting issues just happens to subside and resolve by itself in my head. But of course, im the kind of person who, if left alone, and doing nothing, like strolling towards nowhere for example, my mind usually wanders off to incredible lengths, thinking about everything and anything that is in my mind. The human mind does great wonders…

Today i had a stroll, after i studied, well, not really studying, i dont really have the mood to study. I did study, but not much. Anyways, i decided to take stroll and i thought, which of the 5 Love Languages that is suitable for me or that i really liked? Having thought things over, i decided, Acts of Service and Quality Time is what i like most. Sometimes, whenever my friends help me in small or big ways, i really really appreciate what they have done to me. I would try to never forget the acts of kindness that theyve shown me. Sometimes when im stressed, or when my hands are full at so many task that needs to be handled and done quickly, or maybe i happened to be absentminded in something, my friends would help me. And that acts of service is really really appreciated. Im the kind of person who wishes to be independent, doing stuff by himself, trying to tackle the problem by himself or assuring himself that he can do it and doesnt need the help of others. Well, mistakes and mishaps do occur and its in that moment when my friends realised that the tasks is too much for me to handle and wishes to help me, i really really thanked them for what they do.

Quality time is as important as the first one that i mentioned. As you know, im the only child in the family and it can be very lonely, thus friends, those few precious people whom i call them a friend is the next closest thing that i have to a sibling, for companionship and thus any enjoyable moments that ive enjoyed with them all those times, no matter sweet or bitter, i treasure them soo much. Those quality time worth more to me than gold itself. If someone were to ask me to make a decision, money or friends, or, money or quality time, without doubt i would choose friends and quality time. Even if they give me all the riches in the world, i would NEVER trade friends for money.


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