If you think that im insignificant and my absence during the event was nothing but air, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE!

Ive have been waiting and waiting for the promotion ceremony to arrive and for me to witness it from a ex band member’s point of view and im pissed that i was neither informed nor am i invited for the event. Why is it that my other members knew about it and i dont?! Am i impossible to be contacted? Why, i am online all the time and i recieved NO WORD from any of you, Drum Majors and Band Majors of the current batch! I am not that busy to NOT attend this event that ive been anticipating for soo long! This ceremony means a lot to me!

You have no idea how i feel! I feel like a jerk, not attending this important even when I just graduated from Northland! its not that i graduated 5 or 10 years ago and already you have neglected me! What did i do to deserve this?! Ive shaped and moulded the band with my blood, sweat and tears and this is the kind of treatment that i get?! And when i return back to school during Teacher’s Day, and i gently ask you why am i not inform, you just simply said oops? OOPS!? What kind of answer is that?!

You have no idea how much i still care for the band, despite me being busy with my poly life. Doesnt mean ive left means i totally forgotten about you all. If thats the way you see it, taking someone else for granted, im totally disappointed….

Cannot write anymore.. damn pissed, really trying hard to suppressed my inner habit of cursing and swearing at every sentence written..


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