BGR Talk


BGR Talk

Today, i didnt go for floorball training (AGAIN!!) because i had a talk, on BGR. It was held from 3.15 to 7pm at Block K. Finding the venue was hard at first because we have never been to block K before. Upon reaching there, about more than an hour earlier than expected, my classmates and I totalling, more than 20, were the first to arrive. As we had soo much time extra on our hands, we went to walk around the school, play virtual squash took a look at the pool and just walkin aimlessly. We even went to the track and field area for nothing. We went back to the venue, still lots of time in our hands, chatting loudly, and all.

when its time to enter, our class was soooo KIASU!! All of us rushed towards the entrance and started forming the queue. All of us were in front of the queue, 0402!. The rest of the people from other class were behind us.

when we entered the room, only 25 person were allowed. Almost all of our classmates get to join, leaving the rest of the students from the other class without a place in the talk (so sad…). We were soo happy to gain a place in the talk because there will be ONE CCA point to be issued just by attending this course.

Once inside, we were introduced to the counselors and all. We were seated in a semicircle formation.

The talk was interesting and funny as well. A lot of activities were lined up and we enjoyed doing them. All of us was enthusiastic in doing them and we has lots of laughs.

The BGR talk is teaching us what is true love, the consequences or pre-marital sex, how to date smartly, not blindly and knowing your limits. It is really beneficial, as it broadens my understanding on what true love really means and i also learned the consequences of pre-marital sex, how to reject them, how to have self control and different ways of dating… the smart way. It was really an eye opening and mind broadening talk.

Now i know what my class is…

My class is kiasu, kiasu in a united fashion, one kiasu, ALL kiasu.

Outgoing, i mean really really outgoing, that i just cant keep up, the energy is really overwhelming.

Very funny, lots of funny ideas and remarks.

Very united.

Fun to be around with.

Im really lucky to be in 0402, my friends have really made life in NYP more tolerable. I hope i could just keep it to that.


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