Stumbled upon something that opens my heart


Stumbled upon something that opens my heart.

Today, later this evening, ill be going to a magic show, a horror and spooky magic show, at Suntec City Convention hall. I think this is going to be quite a show, because it is the first time im watching a magic show that is horrific in nature. Ive been to David Copperfield’s magic show, when he came to Singapore to perform in the Singapore Indoor Stadiumm about 4 years ago. It was a great experience and seeing him performing in person, live is such an honor. I mean he is the greatest magician ever!

Anyway, back to the show, im going with a group of my classmates. Its gonna be interesting! I got the tickets from Miss Ong, our Communications and Technical Writing skills teacher. She is really kind hearted to give us the tix that we asked for and i really appreciate for the time and effort she put in in asking for me tickets. The ticket, the picture on the ticket, or rather the art, strikes me profoundly. Its one of the rare artistic drawing that opens my heart and really struck at my personal chord.

This art drawing shows a man, a real dark sinister man, with magical powers, an auro of evil around him. He is hooded, able to only see his shades of the tips of his nose and the reflection of the eye, like a cats eye, but humanlike. He is wraped loosely in plain linen, and the overall ambience is really dark. This is all i can describe. Im not really good at describing and you have to see it for yourself.

The reason why this pic really captivates me is that, the drawing, the first impression tells you that this person is doing evil magic, evil by nature. But upon observing this art, for quite sometime, concentrating on the eyes of the person and the posture and pose that he made, i find it very sad. Looking at his eyes closely, it looked as if he has fallen from GOOD and devoured by EVIL, not by his own free will. Upon looking more intently, i can see suffering in his eyes, as if, he is being controlled by some unknown being, of higher order, doing jobs of the master that he is desperately trying to escape from. This person, from the way i see it, is not evil.

When i see this picture for the first time, which was when our teacher distributed the tix to us, i was actually surprised and shocked to see it. Its somethign i never expect to turn my emotional jargon in my heart upside down. Seeing this picture really resembles what ive always imagine, an imaginary person, no that ive imagined him as evil, but someone who used to be kind hearted, generous, and all the other good stuff in him that ive always expected of him… someone who i may never see in my entire lifetime, for it is impossible… my imaginary brother….


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