Happy National Day


Happy National Day!!

So sorry for not updating the blog for quite sometime now. Alot of things has happened and its late and i dont feel like writing alot today.

On thursday, a group of my classmates went to catch the movie, “The Village” at Plaza Singapura. We went there bought tickets and ate at food court. Some of the girls like lilies came later to join us, but all of us came on time. When we bought the tix, we bought almost the whole row. The theater wasnt very empty or very full. It is just the expected crowd on a thursday afternoon.

The movie was ok. There were some scary scenes the movie, but what i feel its too little, although it was well executed. The twist as expected from almost all M. Night Shyamalan’s horry and thriller movie, wasnt well executed and it was “soft”. It doenst have that impact that you might have when watching “Sixth Sense”.

After the movie is over, some of us liked it some of us dont like, i dont care. We walked towards Orchard Road, trying to find K Box. But it was far, or too expensive. Then we went Paragon, went to coffeeclub express, and me and Eileen shared this mud pie. It was really good! the icecream was really sweet and bursting with flavour. The chocolate was terrific as well. It was almost like gourmet desert and it is, judging from the price. But it was big enough for 2 people to share, so i shared it with Eileen. After that, i went home with some of the guys.

That over, the next day, National Day Observance. The whole school, supposed to wear either red or white. I wore white on that day. The observance was around 1pm, and it was held at the Theater for the Arts. We did some normal stuff, like reciting the pledge, singing some National Day Songs, and prize giving ceremony for Best National Education project and National Day quiz. Guess what, our class won the National Day quiz!! We answered the questions correctly!! The whole class was treated to lots of chocolates that we couldnt finish it. Some of us were sick so refused to have them. Thats why there were soo many extras. We were really lucky to have won the prize because it was quite a slim chance. Firstly, we werent sure whether we got the answers correctly, and secondly, it was my lucky dip. Imagine the odds! But all in all, our class was the only class in Year one to win and we were soo proud!


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