I passed my maths!!!


I passed my maths!!!

Yesterday had Maths E Quiz and i passed!!! i got 60% and im more than satisfied, considering me a sucker for maths….

However, im going to face bigger challenges when the teacher teaches Differentiation and Intergration, the 2 most feared topics. I heard from my friends that when they learn these 2 topics in Secondary school, A maths, they took nearly half a year to master to concept. But im taking learning and mastering the concepts in less than 3 months!! This is soo not fair!!! How am i gonna cope? And i bound to repeat this module!?

Anyway, enough rantings, after all the E Quiz, i went straight to the library to help a couple of my friends to photocopy part of the chemistry book, as part of a study aid to help them study chemistry related subjects. I photocopied alot and spent alot of time standing in front of the photocopying machine, turning page after page after page, to photocopy more than 100 pages of the book. It was really time consuming and something I hate to do. After all that done, i revised the notes on genetics, of the module Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology. The notes are really confusing and not in synchoronised order, or shall i say, written in “Engrish”. Lots of terminology are not explain really well and the explainations are half done and what not. No wonder our lecturer showed us videos on that topic during the lectures. The videos showned were soo much simpler to understand and its really easy to grasp the fundamentals.

While revising, Joash and Jamie were doing their proposal on lab safety. It was one of the “Engrish” mini project and they soo hilarious! While proposing on the issues of lab safety, they really came up with lots of outrages proposals like all staff have to get an A in safety test or they have to repeat their modules again. That is like sooo NYP’ish. Collaboration with the Civil defence to have a firestation located next to the lab, in case of fire, (is that necessary!?) and issuing out safety manuals to everyone who visited the lab. MUAHAHH!! All the proposals were outrageous and ludicrous and we had a good laugh, despite being in the library!


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