Oh Brother Where Art Thou?


Oh Brother Where Art Thou? 


Came back from band practice today, probably the last band practice before the real concert. Its been very tiring lately, i got back home at around 10, missed Smallville, no time to study my maths, have to get ready for a new day. Haiz… life, what have i done to achieve this?


Im feeling really frustrated at myself right now. There are soo many things that needs to be done and so little time to get it done. All these negative feelings, i have no place to release it. I have neither siblings to sought comfort from within, nor any close friends to talk about my problems. Im bottling up my problems now. All i can do now, is to spend my precious time left of myself, and write this little journal of mine, my only source of comfort and escape from reality at this moment.


Ive written something along this line before in my other journal, regarding  not having a brother. 


I dont have any siblings, im the only child. Some of you may think that its a great thing to be the only child of the family, getting all the attention, having all the things that you want or need, without sharing with anyone, being independent, not having anyone snooping at your private stuff in your room. But to me, having a sibling especially an older brother, is one of my greatest desires. I would trade almost ANYTHING for an older brother. Right now what i need is a listening ear, someone who could hear out my problems, someone who would always be there for me in times of need. Someone who protect me.  I may seemed naive, but its something that i would hope to have… a fools hope.


Being the only child, the other alternative to find companionship are my friends. Truly, in all my years in school, ive never treasured anything more precious that ive encountered or met, than my friends. I have never made any enemies and im the kind of guy who is easy to hang out with virtually any kind of person, be a guy or girl, regardless of skin colour. Those who know me well, would tell you that he has no enemies, and that he treats anyone he met a friend, no matter how brief it is. Friendship is the closest that i have next to having an older brother. But they arent perfect at times…



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