Its good to have a pleasant conversation with a friend.


Its good to have a pleasant conversation with a friend.


On thursday, im supposed to publish this post but i havent finish yet, so im now going to finish it.


On thursday, it was supposed to be a free day for my class. There arent any lessons on that day because we moved the periods on other days so that we could let thursday be 100% free. But alas, when we did the microbiology A practical on tuesday, we were dealing with microbes and part of the requirement was to observe the microbes after 48 hours, which is roughly thursday. So technically, thursday was not a free day for us. We had to go back to school and record our results so that we could complete our lab reports.


My experiment on the microbes went well except for one particular test, which is the test on counting the colonies after diluting the concentrated E.coli broth on the test tube. The experiment failed. Instead of getting individiual colonies growing on the agar plate, we had a lawn on E.coli grown all over the agar plate, therefore we couldnt count the specimen. ARGH!! we are gonna lose our practical marks for that. Nevertheless, we learn from our mistakes and hopefully by writing a good report on why we made that mistakes, might compromise for the loss of marks.


After that, about an hour later, everything was finished and before we left, our teacher showed us something incredible. She showed us a specimen of E.coli that glowed flourescence under UV light. It was really beautiful! What happened was that the year 2 students actually inserted part of a particular jellyfish gene that has that trait into the bacteria. Using recombinant DNA technology, they managed to make the E.coli a mutated species, glowing under UV light. wow…


After the whole experiment was over, i met my good friend of mine, aaron and we had lunch together talkin about old times and how we missed secondary school soo much, the rowdyness of our class, the fun that we had as a class. It was one of a really pleasant conversation that i had in a long time. Then he showed me and my classmate, Joash, his Media Design block and it was WONDERFUL!! I really liked it! The art that was showcased on the corridors were all the most beautiful ive seen and when we got up to the level that my friend intended to show us, he got to the lift. When the lift opens, a huge mural, welcomed us! It was really beautiful. The block has many fantastic rooms all designed for use in the aid of doing your creative works like animation, storyboard room, project room, art showcases and the most impressive of all-: Motion Capture Room!!! OMG!! They do have such thing!! Motion capture is one of the most advanced type of animation capturing technology and is being used by mega blockbuster movies like Lord of The Rings, the animation of Gollum, Final Fantasy the Movie, Matrix and many more!! Im truly impressed!!



That was thursday so on to Friday:


Friday, nothing much, a looong day. From 8 to 6. An hour of tutorial of maths and 2 hours of lecture on the same subject. ARGH! i hate maths!! And its A maths!! This week we are already going on to logarithm and i have not a clue on how to do it!! ~Snif~ darn… i really need to find someone to teach me maths especially logarithm… god.. i already suck in my laws of indices and the manipulation of it and now im going to learn logarithm…


Tomorrow i have floorball practice.. i dunno when it will end though.. just that i have full dress rehearsal on that day at 2 for my band practice. So tomorrow is going to be a loong day again. I hope that i dont sprain my muscles again. I really need my legs for the later part of the day and i need to make sure that i dont strain myself and that i have sufficient warm ups and gradually build the intensity from then on.


Well i gotta go catch ya up later…


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