~Leg Cramp~


~Leg Cramp~

Today’s floorball practice was fantastic! Although i had a leg cramp on my left calve muscle, i still go on playing game after game after game. We started our match from 4 pm to 6pm and after that we had a short debrieing. We year ones were pitted against the seniors and guess what? Although we lost, but we did not suffer a bitter defeat, we still manage to get a score close to a tie. I cant remember whats the score but the seniors told us that we played agressively, if not alittle unorthodox, we play with all our might and they had difficulty keeping us in check.

Although i cant be in the fray of the action due to my cramps ( it still hurts by the way) i really enjoyed being the defender. Actually, im most confortable being a defender and i guess im going to hone my skills to being a great defender. Who knows, i might be the best defender there is in the near future, but that is fools hope for now.

As for my studies, god, dont remind me. It’s not getting better. Why didnt i consider the level of stress that im going to face before choosing this course? For whatever it is ultimately, its THE course i want to get into above all else. I poured all my rantings to my close friends, and they seem to have full confidence in me that i can do well, that i can make wonders. Hope they are right, and i hope that i have the same amount of encouragements i can get from anywhere.

The only thing im aiming now is: Have a title of: Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology. Baby steps first, thats right baby steps.


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