Everybody must wear "googles" if not i give you one star… LAME!!


Everybody must wear “googles” if not i give you one star… LAME!!

Yesterday and todays practical lab sessions are alittle bit better than last weeks. Part due to our readiness in reading the notes ahead of the lab session, so as not to be blur when we are in the lab. However , its really very tiring and all the lab reports that we have to hand in, 3 in all, every week is a very daunting task.

The experiments are quite interesting, when it comes to microbiology A and physical chemistry, but i dont like the inorganic chemestry lab session.

First of all, we have to wear “googles” throughout the lab session, total of 2 hours and its really uncomfortable after awhile. The rules set by the teacher is very strict and i dont quite like it at all. The experiments are long and tedious and must apply what we have learnt previously. However fortunately , we do in pairs just like the other practicals. Wei san, my partner is really cooperative and we work together really well. We divided our work equally and without complaints. She is happy , I am happy, everybody is happy!

Well, i dont have much time to write anymore, i just hope i can do a good job at my reports and that the teachers expectations arent too high.


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