NYP CCA Crawl!


NYP CCA Crawl!!

Today and yesterday was a normal day in school. We had our tutorials, our lectures and our horrible practicals. Yesterday’s practical didnt go very well too. The experiment was to learn how to use a microscope, the names of the parts etc. Then we were supposed to examine 2 different organisms under the microscope. It went fine initially but when the part where we have to follow certain procedures before examining the organisms under the microscope, it didnt went too well. When we finally managed to get our samples and examine it, we had difficulty focusing on the organisms and we couldnt see the microscopic stuff. We has to ask other friends to do it. By the time the practical lesson ended, we didnt manage to see our second sample and have to resort to looking other group’s microscope and observe its properties.

NYP CCA Crawl is a 2 day event covering 2 major areas. It is actually a CCA drive and various CCAs in the school set up booths in the Campus center as well as the Theater for the Arts to showcase thier CCAs as well put up attractive displays to attract as much freshmens like me to join thier respective CCA. Safe to say that it was overwhelming. Theere are soo many CCA groups from different aspects such as Arts, Martial Arts, Sports, Mind Sports, Clubs, Music clubs and many more. It was such a heaadache choosing a CCA or two, but i managed to signed up 2 CCAs that im interested in.

The respective CCA groups were indeed competitive and aggressive. They showcase thier CCAs in many different forms, from a performaance to a march around the school to even giving out brochures and bookmarks around the campus to advertise and get the competitive edge. Lots of displays and performance were put up in the campus center and it felt like a festival of sorts.

After walking round and round the various cca booths and thinking hard on which CCA to choose, I finally chose floorball and NYP PAL. Yup, 2 CCAs, hopefully i can cope though. With my present course that im in and the oncoming amoung of homeworks and reports to hand in, i need to becareful in managing my time. (Note to self: Academics before CCA.)

Floorball practice is on this saturday and ill be meeting some of my old friends who took floorball too.


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