First day of school… Ended with a "BANG"


First day of school… Ended with a “BANG”

Today is officially the first day of school. It went pretty smoothly except for the part where i am elected as a class representative. I mean, thats something unexpected and im sure that there must be other people more capable of doing a better job than me. Oh well, Guess ill be the class representative for a looong time to come.

During the day in school, i did met with a couple of my old friends in secondary school. Its great to be able to see them once in a while and although our busy schedules may not match up, at least we get to say our Hi’s and Goodbyes to each other whenever we pass by along the corridors. I still havent seen my good friend of mine, Aaron. I dunno where he is but i hope that i can see him somewhere in the campus. So far ive met Handri, Tami, Hussaini, Zhiwei, Irene, Weiwen, and Uma. I im also quite surprised that one of my old freind from primary school is also there, but we werent close to each other anymore.

I would say today is just an introductory day. Not much has been taught except a few of the modules. However the Physical Chemistry was a real bummer. It was our first time to our first practical and already we have to start doing our first experiment from our lab manual. We werent given any supervisions and it was chaotic. I mean, we forgot the names of various scientific instruments and all of us started questioning “whats this whats this”. During the experiment, we forgot how to calculate using formulas and how to give the appropriate significant figures or decimal places in each of our test results. It was really bad and i feel very uncertain without a proper guide in the begining of the practical. Hope everything smoothen out as soon as possible. I dont like learning in an environent where everything is just half taught and left hanging just like that.

On a happier note, we managed to go back home slightly earlier today becauase of a slight change in your timetable. The last period of the day was shifted to an earlier timeslot. Furthermore, the second last period was a tutorial lesson and that tutorial lesson was not really important at all because the tutorial is supposed to be E-Tutorial meaning we learn by logging on to our Course Management System. So what the teacher really said was that you can treat that lesson as non-existent. So all in all we save 2 hours in the afternoon, and we may be able to go back home as early as 3pm. Hows that for ending the first day of school with a “BANG”.


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