Nanyang Polytechnic Orientation

Nanyang Polytechnic Orientation Day 1

The orientation was a good experience for me. It took place on the 28th of June, covering over 2 days and it was generally fun, knowing the campus and meeting new people. As you already know, im in the School of Chemical and Life Sciences and there are 6 classes in my year, the biggest they say. Im in the second class, MB0402.

The first day when i arrived there in the morning, we have to be at the Theater for the Arts. I was quite nervous because of several factors. Its something new that im dealing with. You know, a totally new environment, it makes you venture out your Comfort Zones. Secondly, ive no friends to accompany me. None of whom i know were going to the same course as me so in a sense im totally alone.

When i got there, i got there just in time. There were alot of other students there already and soon we registered out names, collected our goodiebags and entered the theater for some welcoming talks and introduction to our OGLs. After the talk, our class led by the OGLs were taken to a tutorial room where we have to introduce ourselves. We were all quiet, meeting new faces and being too shy to talk to each other.

Generally during the first day, it was alot of talks here and there. As for me, i didnt really clicked to anyone of them in my class of 26, however im quite surprised that my class is quite diversified, after the introduction, my classmates were pretty much from all walks of life. Some were from malaysia and indonesia, some from neighbourhood schools like me and some from JC dropouts. My first impression about my class is that i can sense an all round talent as a class.

During the first day after lunch at Macdonalds, there were more talks but there were some activities as well, like treaure hunts and telematches. The telematch was fun. It took place in the hockey field and it was one of the last activities for the day. That was the time when i really felt a connection with my classmates.

The telematch was interesting. As a class, we were supposed to delegate 2 volunteers a girl and a boy to become mummies, that is to be wrapped up in rolls of toilet papers and to be transport at different checkpoints. I was the carrier as the other boys are and the girls do the wrapping. It was a frenzy!! Cheering and helping each other out to wrap as fast as we can to avoid losing. But in the end we were neither first nor last.

The second part of the telematch was a real bummer. As a class we were supposed to protect our mummies against a barrage of water bombs. At the same time some attackers one of them is me tried to make other mummies wet. In the end one of our mummies got wet and all the toilet paper were torn. Whats left was a girl who stayed generally dry.

The third part of the telematch was to gather all the mummies who survived the first 2 matches to buttpush other mummies and bring thier wraps down or to push them outside the ring. Our group didnt make it to the finals.

After everything, we took a group photo of all the student under the School of Chemical & Life Sciences. After that we head back home for another day of orientation…


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