Nanyang Polytechnic Orientation Day 2

Nanyang Polytechnic Orientation Day 2

Day 2 of my orientation was definitely a surprise for me. Firstly, originally the plan was to hold only 1 day of orientation for my school. However it was extended to 2 days. I didnt complain as i actually thought that one day isnt enough for me. Secondly, on the second day of orientation, our OGLs told us that there will be a performance done by us to the whole school and we need to prepare within a certain time period.

The performance was the big event during that day. Of course we had the usual talks on choosing an elective module on top of your core ones. By the way, i took Japanese language as my elective module. Itll be my third language that ill be able to speak and write. As a matter of fact i already know how to write in Japanese and read (very slowly) on Japanese texts, especially Hiragana. Anyway, back to the talks, other than that, we had an Aids talk and also talks on discipline. The lunch was a catered lunch buffet and it was really great.

Before the actual performance, we have to prepare our skit that we decided to come up with within 1 and a half hours. At first we did not know what to do, changing from song item to skit to song item again to skit finally. Then comes the hard part… what are we going to performed. Someone suggested the advertisements and i thought to be a good idea. Another suggested the NYP Idol and it was also a good idea. In the end we did both, doing the NYP idol AND the advertisements.

I was put in charge of the Advertisements, actually i volunteered to oversee the advertisement department, coming up with all sorts of advertisements and elect who will do which. Another group did the NYP idol. I didnt see much what was going on but all i know is that they were doing their best in the item.

In the Advertisement department, I and afew others came up with the final few, namely Sunpage IDD, which was changed and suggested by one of my classmates to Sunpage IDD 666. It was really a good idea. Others include Ikea to tissue brand, Heineken Beer, and DHL advertisement. I delegated my classmates and my god!! They did really good. Acting was way above from what i expected. I mean, really they have shown their other side of them to me and my first impression was correct. Its a very well diversified class!!

Finally after the practice was done, we did a final rehearsal by putting the Idol department and the Advertisement department together. During the rehearsal, there were rough edges that needs to be smoothen out, but everything went smooth after that. Those that did not act in other roles were asked to become audiences and by the response it was really funny…

After the practice and the lunch, the big event had arrived. Everybody gathered in the Theater for the Arts for the show. Every class has to come up with something on stage and our class happens to be the third item on the random list. It was nerve wrecking. I happened to be the voiceover for various advertisements and a role in the DHL Advertisement. During our performance, when i observed the Idol performers, I WAS ASTOUNDED!! They did really great! The contestants have the courage to sing solo and make a fool out of themselves that even i cant do it! Kudos to them!! Overall both departments despite some errors and bumps they make on the way during the performance, i can see initiatives and improvisations in every one of them. Everybody did great!

Soon after that, other performances were generally quite good too. Some did song items while others did advertisements also. The most hilarious one that i will never forget is the alternate version of the milk ad, the “flower… flower… ORCHID” ad was change to: “rubber…. rubber…. CONDOM!!” LOL!! I laughed till my stomach ached!

After that, it was time for the result to see which class is the best class that performed well in both the telematches and the performances. Before it was read out, our class has no intention of winning or felt that we couldnt win. Looking back, our class was just mediocre, neither did too well in the games nor the worst perfoming class. But can you believe it? We won first prize. Yes, we won the first prize!! It was soo unexpected! No one in my class wished to aim for the first not expected our class to be the first, but we manage to become champion!!

It was the whole class’s efforts and im really proud of my class for emerging tops. After the whole prize giving ceremony, we distributed tons of chocolates and a little souvenir to everyone. Then we took a photo for the Helicase newsletter to be published and known to others that we emerged champion. Before that we had to go through a little ritual before finally becoming part of the SCL family, that is to drink this disgusting drink concocted by our fellow OGLs. It was a mixture of something really disgusting. We all “yamseng” gulped down and the end. This has been a tradition in SCL recently in NYP, that is to drink that disgusting black water.

After the ordeal, we were still shocked at us emerging champion then we said our goodbyes…


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