Preliminary results (2003)

I just recieved all my result from every subjects for the Preliminary results and I am astonished at my better-than-expected results!! I couldnt believe that i can made it this far and achieve such a high grade for my prelims!
This is my result:

English: B3
Science (phy/chem): A1
Poa: A1

L1R4 (Polytechnic requirements): 12 points
L1R5 (Junior College requirements):17 points

As you can see that i achieved 3 A’s and is better than i expected. I short on my target of A2 for English and B3 for Maths, but having known that im working consistenly to my big ‘O’, i am well on my way to achieving great results and realising my goal!

This is my target for ‘O’ level, done early during the year.

English: B3
Mother Tongue: B4
Combined Science:A1
Combine Humanities:A1
To go to JC :L1R5: 14 points (possible to go to a decent JC, if i want)
To go to Poly:L1R4:10 points (Jackpot) (Excluding MT)

As you can see, i just need to put in a little more effort and care in the following subjects that are a little off from my target but im confident that i can do it, since i find that some subjects in the prelim exams and more difficult than the ‘O’ Level paper.


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