Happy 16th Birthday

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Yup! Today is my birthday and im glad to become of age to watch NC-16 movies! Finally ive broken the first barrier in the movie industry rating! Anyway, im sorry Journal that i hadnt spent time updating my journal and it has been difficult to put some events into words and sometimes i dont feel like it. I dont know why i got this feeling but so many things has happened, the ups and downs and bull and the bear moments of life. From the day i last updated many things has happened. I will try to briefly state what has been happening.

I had this friend in msn whom i knew very well for many years. He is from New Zealand. Just last year, he hasnt been online for many months and i thought that i had lost him forever and it really makes me sad to see someone leave you for so long. But to my surprise, he came back and he still remembers me! The first thing that he did when i saw him online was to say “Hey, Whatsup”, and i was like, WOW YOU CAME BACK!! FOR ALMOST ! YEAR I THOUGHT I LOST YOU!! We talked alot and he told me his reasons for not being online that long. He said that he frequently move from one place to another and that his school has banned hotmail.

Prelims has just started and there is no other convenient date than to begin on my birthday, which is today. Today is the Science Practical and from the paper that ive done, id say that the paper is difficult. I realized that i made so many mistakes after the exam that it has been sort of a letdown for me. Im kinda pessimistic about this prelims.


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