Teacher’s DayBand Promotion Ceremony

Yoz Journal, watsup? I know that I’ve not been updating my journal for a very long time, since the first anniversary of my journal. Anyway, I did this because of 2 things. Firstly, I had nothing much to write about and the days simply are not worth remembering. Second, im saving the entries for a special day, the Band Promotion Ceremony. It is one of the most important day of my life in school.

The promotion ceremony was a very emotional ceremony for every member in the band. It is the time when the old committees give up thier posts to the new ones, and the graduating students are given recognition and farewells to the other members. It started with issuing of certificates to the members, tokens of appreciation, speeches and more certs to be given out to the sec one members, who will be full fledged members in the band. Then after that, the old committee members will give out certificates and thier badges to the new ones. During that part, it was an emotional rollercoaster. I has to give up my heavy-burdened sash to my future band major and it was very painful to see it depart from my shoulders. After that, it was time for some entertainment.

They members did a small act. I was about a normal day during band, but the actors in the act portray as one of the graduating students and we were told to identify them by matching thier behavior and the way they talk. We had a great time spotting ourselves and also others who were very prominent. Then it was time for some singing and dance. The singing and dance were not the type of joys and fun, but of a very heartfelt, meaningful and tear-jerker sort of way. The songs they presented was very emotional and even i was not spared. I shed a tear or two during the whole period. It was an unforgettable moment.

After that, it was refreshment time, everybody was treated to a small refreshment set up at the canteen and members of the band started to give away letters and farewell gifts and presents. It was truly an emotional time. I gave my future band major a book, entitled “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” I gave that book to her because i feel that she doesnt deserve to suffer more than i did when she finally becomes a band major, and i think that by giving this book to her, i hope that it will change her for the better and at least help her cope with her busy school schedule. It has change my life in many aspects and i hoped that it will also change for her.

I have nothing to say about the ceremony, but i just want to post 2 messages here before i end this entry.

From: Rebecca

Dear Jasrie,
Hey, finally we step down liao. Next time you want to come back call me leh! Then we can scare them. So fast 4 years past liao! Hope that we can keep contact with one another, like somebody never answer call when i call one right!!! Hope you like the present that i give you. although the clip is saxaphone but there is another clip which as Trombone and treble clef ma HAHA. Hope you like it… the gold clip is a tie clip so when you wear tie you also can clip it on. Look like VIP! HaHA. All the best too you.



From: Jing Ying

To our special senior, Jasrie:

First of all thanks for all the things that you had thought us, if it wasnt you all, we wouldnt be who we are in the band now. We really really appreciate everthing you had done and will always remember the happiness and sadness in the band…. For the past few years it had really been a memorable time for all of us. Thanks for being patient with us… We still have alot of things to learn and so hope to see you gues come back often and teach us. Even though the Trombone section is small but we still enjoyes ourselves for most of the practices… We may not be the best juniors but you guys are the best seniors 2 us…. We had been through alot such as SYF and Passion Arts… As for us we wont forget hope it goes the same for you guys too… the handwriting maybe abit untidy but its from out heart… All the best for your “O” level and in the future… Thanks… Hope you like the present.

Jing Ying 2003

And thus this is the end of another chapter in my life and also for a new chapter to begin, full of challenges and tribulations, and harsh realities that i will be facing head one, in the future.


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